Circle Of Death Rules

Here are the official rules for the Circle Of Death Drinking Game

Firstly Set Up The Game:

  • Find yourself a massive glass, if you can’t find a big one you can use two smaller ones, set it/them up in the middle of the table and place your deck of cards around the glass faced down.
  • Now with all of your friends together around the table make sure each of you have a good amount of alcohol.
  • Prior to starting the game it can be a good idea to to print the rules off so that every player knows exactly what  each card stands for.
  • The first player starts by picking up a card, each card has a different rule (explained below).
  • Now go round in a circle in a clockwise motion until the very last King has been picked up. (When the 4th and final king is picked up this is the end of the game). The person that picks this up will  have to drink whatever is in the glass as a result of playing the game.

Now What Does Each Card Mean:

Ace = Waterfall - You start to drink, and the person to your left can not stop drinking until you stop, the person on their left can not stop drinking until they stop and so on and so forth throughout the whole circle, if you can drink a lot this is a good opportunity to get some of the lightweights drunk.

2 = Choose - You can nominate someone to drink (generally 2 fingers of beer)

3 = Is Me - Yep you guessed it, you have to drink

4 =  Is Whore - All the girls in the game have to drink

5 = Thumb - You become the thumbmaster!! You have the power of the thumb until someone else picks a 5 up, when you place your thumb on the table (do it discretely) the last person to place their thumb on the table will have to drink.

6 = Is Dicks - All the boys in the group have to drink

7 =  Is Heaven - You wave your hand in the sky, the last person to do the same has to drink

8 = Is Mate - Choose another person to drink with you, whenever you have to drink they have to drink too until someone else picks an 8 up, they then nominate a mate

9 =  Is Rhyme – You pick a word, something like Smelly (Welly, Telly, Jelly) is easy or Cat (Hat, Batt, Flat) this will make it easy for everyone else. Once you’ve said your word the person to your left must say a word that rhymes and this continues in a circle until someone messes up. Whomever messes up has to drink.

10 = Categories –   You pick a category, for example you could pick Famous Rappers and everyone has to pick a word that fits with this for example, 50 Cent, Eminem etc, the first person to mess up in the circle has to drink.

Jack = Make a Rule – A great card, you get to create a new rule. This is truly where circle of death becomes fun. Pick a rule such as left hand drinking, or every time you drink you have to say something beforehand,  and everyone (including yourself) must follow this rule for the rest of the game, if you forget to obey the rule you have to drink, (this can get totally confusing once there are a few rules)

Queen =  Question Master - You become the Question master, ask the person next you a question, they then have to answer with a question (It doesn’t matter what there answer is so long as it’s a question). Whoever messes up has to drink.

King =  Pour - Pour some of your drink into the big glass in the middle of the table. Whomever picks up the last King has to drink the contents of the glass (A disgusting mix of everyone’s drinks) When the last King is picked up it is the end of the game and time to start all over again.